01.Violators – Summer of 81
02.Action Pact – Times must Change
03.Undertones – You’ve got My Number
04.The Rezillos – No
05.The Runnaways – Cherry Bomb
06.X Ray Spex – Identity
07.Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
08.L7 – Preted We’re Dead
09.Death – Freakin’ Out
10.Iggy Pop & The Stooges
11.Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster
12.The Monks – Johnny B. Rotten
13.Elastica – Stutter
14.The Adverts-Gary Gilmore Eyes
15.Vice Squad – Sniffing Glue
16.Pixies – Debaser
17.Texas Terry Bomb – Oh Yeah
18.The Hellfreaks – Sid and Clyde
19.Sparky & Peter Pan Speedrock – Heart Full of Soul
20.Wendy O’Williams – Aint not of your Business
21.The Donnas – Dancing with Myself
22. Julee Cruise – Falling in Love

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