Hoy comenzamos dedicando un tema a Nelson Mandela y continuamos con unos temazos que nos acaban de llegar esta misma semana y los compartimos contigo fatclubber.
Repasamos también el úl timo disco de Dub Inc, Gentleman, Little Pepe, … Nuevos discos, lanzamientos, exclusivas, algun clasico… ya sabes si escuchas Fat club Radio Show estas en la onda.

Track List

Ed Robinson – “Even though him pass and gone” Tribute to Nelson Mandela” (2013)
John Life – “Struggle so long” Basic Jam Riddim (XeRoots, 2013)
Jeremy Melchor – “Go up” Go Up (2013)
Jessie James – “Party criminal” Sleng Teng Riddim (Weedy G Soundforce, 2013)
Charlie P & Biga Ranx – “Haters & greener2 Inna Combination (2013)
Emi Mos – “Mind desire” (Chalart58, 2013)
Little Pepe ft. Ras Boti – “No importa” Al Sur de la Luna (Germaica Iberia, 2013)
Costa & Carmona – “Bajo suelo” Bajo Suelo (Gamberros Pro, 2013)
Tremendo – “Fé” Lapsus (2013)
Atmosphere – “Smart went crazy”
Dub Inc – “Sounds good” Paradise (2013)
John Life ft. Indrani – “Smoke up the ganja”(XeRoots, 2013)
Gentleman – “The journey” New Day Down (2013)
Perfect Giddimani – “Light it” (2013)
G-Mac – “Breaking barriers” (Firedath Prods., 2103)
Mickey General & Sr. Wilson – “Harder they come, quicker they run” (Reggaeland, 2013)
Eklypse – “Voice of the people” (dec 2013)
Shanti D – “Revolution” Chalice 4040 RMX Digital Steppa (2013)
Courtney Melody – “In this town” (Reggae Vibes, 2013)
Winston Jarret – “Run away”
David Fendah ft. Likkle Sergiote – “Money, money”
Perfect Giddimani – “Save a little bit” Majestic Riddim (2103)
Chronixx – “They down know” (Lance a Lot Productions, 2013)
Orly Frider ft. Biga Ranx – “Lady amazon” (dec 2013)
Wayne J ft. Shannon – “Mama” (Greatest Records, 2013)


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