Claye – “Back up” Perception (2017)
Claye – “Fuck you” Perception (2017)
Cubiculo Records – Sub Alpine Xpress – Radio Fontani
Iseo & Dodosound – “My microphone” (2017) Roots In The Air (2017)
Get Up Boy (ft. Daphne Bluebird & Promise No Promises) – Blend Mishkin
Spring Bounce Feat Taiwan Mc TAMBOUR BATTANT – Dance all night (Album)
LONG TIME Penco Introduction Mixtape – Catchy Greezzly
Morodo – Seguiré Cantando
Mr. Vegas – Terrorist In A England – Steely & Clevie
RIchieloop – Cocky In The Morning (Remix)
Prezident Brown – Journeyman Pilgrimage lp – Soundsystem (Dance Fi Gwaan) Feat. U Brown
Greenadub Meets Naja Naja – Conscious Move
The Vitals – Rub A Dub Vibe [DM Kahn?BuPrint Studio Production 2017]
Ward 21 Feat. Sean Paul – Ben Yuh Back (Binnie Smalls Remix)
Tribal Seeds – Rude Girl (Single)
Bobby Hustle – Wolaba Vibes [Rise Up Riddim ¦ Costa Rebel Studio 2017

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