Massilia Hi-Fi feat Arcuate – Uprising EP -Linguist
Belen Natali, Raggattack – Digital Lady
Dub Dynasty – Black Woman Civilisation Featuring Wellette Seyon – Gideon – Steppas Records
Dub Dynasty – False Profit Featuring Nai-Jah, Joe Pilgrim and Setondji – Gideon – Steppas Records
Dub Dynasty – Jah Fingers Featuring Joseph Lalibela – Gideon – Steppas Records
Dub Dynasty – Likkle Zion Featuring Yehoud-I, Odessa and Nyabin – Gideon – Steppas Records
JAH BUNNY MAINLINE – No More War cut 1
ANTI GUN – Head Top
Fikir Amlak, King Alpha, Akashic Records – Golden Stool
Dan Guaiser – Dangerous
Hollie Cook – Lunar Addiction
King General – conscious sounds – Lightning Strike
Lion Roar – Smoke & Radikal Vibration [Evidence Music]

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